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DALiiA Herbal Kohl Eyeliner

Legend has it that kohl was an important ingredient in Cleopatra's beauty kit. It was a cosmetic custom of her era, applied in powder form (with difficulty) using a bronze stick. Now kohl on the go is easier than ever before—with DALiiA™ ‘eyestick’ liner, formulated with ancient elixirs of beauty.


DALiiA Herbal Lip Stain

Thanks to the introduction of DALiiA™ Herbal Lip Stain, there is a better lip-dressing option that won’t budge. DALiiA’s formula is called The Original Herbal Lip Stain, because it is authentic—it contains only plant ingredients that were used throughout history, from ancient Greece and India to Elizabethan England. It’s a completely botanical must have for long lasting color.